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    Soul-Centered Leadership Masterclass

    • Are you searching for true fulfillment in your work?
    • Are you always struggling to find work / life balance?
    • Are you wondering how to motivate and inspire as a leader?

    If you don't solve these three points, you're never going to achieve what you want to achieve. In fact, what if you go your whole life without ever mastering them?


    Join Michael for a half-day Masterclass as he teaches his unique type of leadership that skyrocketed his companies to the Inc 500 | 5000 Fastest Growing Companies.


    We have 4 UK dates for the Soul-Centred Leadership Masterclass:


    Edinburgh - 11th of April

    Glasgow - 12th of April

    London - 19th of April

    Corporate Training

    Interested in Michael offering private training sessions? Hear how Michael can help with everything from retaining top talent to building a team for lasting, long-term success.


    If you would like to enquire about Michael leading a private training session, please contact us here.

    Fireside Chat

    Join us for a relaxed, networking event where Michael will be interviewed by Russell Dalgleish about how his journey has taken him to where he is today.


    We will have bespoke events in unique locations throughout our UK Tour. Be sure to join us:


    Edinburgh - 11th of April

    Glasgow - 12th of April

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