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I'm heading to the UK

Soul-Centered Leadership in the United Kingdom

My life used to be a mess.

The funny thing was, you couldn’t tell from the outside.

By any account, I was successful. I owned three software companies – two in California and one in Singapore - I was making money and I was married to a pretty woman.

But none of that gave me any fulfillment.

In fact, the more I achieved, it seemed the less inner peace I had. I kept waiting to turn a corner; to reach that magic place where I earned enough money, had a big enough empire, and was popular enough to finally declare that I am happy.

That moment never came. There was never enough.

Then life really tested me. As I was going through a divorce, I had a business partner go wacko and assault me. This led to a very difficult business lawsuit, which in itself led to substance abuse.

I realized that what I was doing wasn’t working. Something had to change. I made it my mission to fix my life. To become happy, content, fulfilled.

And I did. I found the best place on earth to work on that change, the University of Santa Monica’s Spiritual Psychology program.

After four years of intense study, and even more intense working on myself, I came out of it truly transformed.

We utilized psychology and emotional intelligence to clear out all the, well crap, that my ego was keeping in the way of me being the true me. I felt more whole and complete than ever before in my life.

It taught me mindfulness. And the spiritual part gave me context as to how everything works together and is connected.

The result was that life became so much easier, so much better.

I felt so much less stress. I was connecting with people. I was more likeable, more trustworthy.

My personal life was amazing.

Then, I started to apply what I learned to my business. The results were equally amazing.

I formed more authentic relationships with my team, my customers, and my suppliers. I was calm in the face of chaos.

I acquired a company that fit into mine seamlessly and doubled my revenue overnight.

We started attracting, retaining, and growing the top talent in the industry.

The culture of the company created a high-functioning organization. We became masters of implementing change.

If these soul-centered changes happened in your company, what would be the result? Would you be more successful? Would it be more fun?

The changes were so great that we were voted the #1 Best Place to Work, and I won Social Entrepreneur of the Year, in all of San Diego. The organization’s growth took off too, and we were on the Inc. Magazine’s 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list.

My peers saw what I was doing and asked how they could get the same transformation for themselves; both in their personal and work life.

That prompted me to write the book Soul-Centered Leadership which became an immediate international best-seller in Business Leadership Training. I’ve spoken and taught about it literally all over the world, from Australia to Dubai, and it seems like everywhere in between.

The last time I was in Europe, Russell Dalgleish and I did a four-city, three country leadership tour in the Balkans, and we formed a close friendship. He said that I need to bring this information to the United Kingdom. That leaders (or business people or entrepreneurs) in the UK are hungry for it.

I’ve teamed up with Russell, StartEDIN, and Rounddoor to go back to the place where I’ve lived twice before (a long time ago) and spread this powerful, unique content.

I’m running three-hour Masterclasses in Soul-Centered Leadership, where you get a tremendous amount of transformational knowledge in a very short period of time. When you look at time and money invested for the return on leadership ability, there is no better format.

The dates and places are:

April 11th, Edinburgh, 9 AM to 12 Noon – Click to Register

April 12th, Glasgow, 9 AM to 12 Noon – Click to Register

April 19th, London, 9 AM to 12:30 PM – Click to Register

April 20th, Bristol, 9 AM to 12:30 PM – Click to Register

In addition, I’ve teamed up with the amazing Gina Hayden for a joint event. We will be presenting Successful Leadership for a New World, for Leaders who want to Thrive in the Evolving Landscape on April 25th (more coming soon!)

Soul-Centered Leadership isn’t just a way to lead others – it’s a way to live the most powerful life you can. It’s for the courageous souls who challenge the status quo, and want to get the absolute most out of life.

After all, we’re put on this earth to create. And when we tap into the power of our Authentic Selves, and even more our soul, that’s when we create truly amazing things.

If you’re ready to experience that true fulfillment, all while achieving even more, then get your ticket now and I’ll see you later on in April.

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